Armoni group

ARMONI is a youth, culture and project club, which have many students and lecturers from different universities in Turkey. We start our activities in 2005. In this year we have a youth seminar called "Ecology For Life" as our first youth project. Our second project was a youth exchange project called "Fishing On The Culture Boat" in 2007 After this we made a contact making seminar project called "Let’s Create Green World" in 2008. As a armoni youth club; Our main aim is to activate potential of the YOUTHS in order to make them calloborative, creative and productive by their different big mind. We are especially work on the environmental subjects and ecological problems. After this year; we are going to plan a new project about diffrences and sameness between cultural and ecological areas in Europe.

AEGEE Madrid

Was founded in 1986, just one year after the foundation of AEGEE-EUROPE in Paris, was one of the first six associations founded. AEGEE Madrid, have been working a lot in the integration of the European youth with the help of "Youth in Action". This year will have a event for the celebration of the 25 Anniversary of AEGEE under the name "I Was There".

AEGEE Madrid

The students association AEGEE-Catania is a social organisation for university students and youth in the east area of Sicily. We organise social events throughout the semester, ranging from pub crawls and dances to debates and guest speakers. We also have weekly smaller students’ events. AEGEE-Catania is an integral part of the University and plays a vital role in improving the quality of life that most Students' expect whilst at University.

AEGEE Wroclaw

Wroclaw is town located in south west part of Poland in Upper Silesia region. There are about 20 active members and most of them are students. We are young people that are open for discussions and new ideas. Due to many projects we have made so far we have got to know each other very well and become almost like family:) Last year for example we did EDL (European Day of Language), City game called Mafia Wars and Hollywood New Year's Eve party. Our goal is to create as many great projects as it is possible and make new friends, explore countries and have a lot of fun along the way!!!