Dear friends from all over Europe :)

Welcome to the page of our New Year Skiing event »I feel sLOVEeNiYa Vol III.« You are welcome to join us in Maribor, where you will meet people from all over Europe, get to know Slovenia, party all night, sleep very little, ski on one of the most famous ski slopes in Europe, play funny games, remember all the names, dance the night away, try to find a way to stay up, sing until dawn, taste delicious wines, fall in love, smile a lot, make friends for life and have a time to remember.

Members of AEGEE-Maribor will offer you all this with a big smile on our faces all day and all night long :D

See you soon in Maribor,
Davor Leskovar
Project responsible

Event location

Maribor: With its 130.000 inhabitants the second largest city in Slovenia. Maribor is in the centre of Middle Europe, laying only 10 miles from the border of Austria. Maribor is a three hour drive from Vienna or Trieste, rather more from Milan or Munich. Maribor is a lively cultural, scientific and commercial centre with its University of about 20.000 students, more then 60 scientific institutes. Its numerous art galleries, museums and theatres reflect the rather demanding cultural requirements of its citizens. Another of Maribor's great advantages is the fact that it is surrounded by outstandingly beautiful countryside. On one side there is the Alpine region Pohorje with its high mountains, ski slopes and world known ladies World cup "Golden Fox", torrents and lakes another direction takes you to the gentle winegrowing hills of Slovenske Gorice with their excellent wines.

By air: Maribor is best served by Graz International airport (Austria), 40 km Northwest of the city. Airlines flying from/to there: Austrian Airlines, Ryan Air, InterSky, WelcomeAir, RheinAir, Lufthansa.

Tranfer from Graz airport to Maribor is the best by train (5-7 trains per day).There are additional air services via

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport (Brnik), 100 km west of Maribor:

Aerodrom Ljubljana
Zg. Brnik 130a
4210 Brnik
tel.: ++386 4 206 19 81
fax: ++386 4 202 12 20

Airlines: Adria Airways, WizzAir, easyJet, Malev, Austrian Airlines, Turkish airlines, JAT Airways, ČSA Czech Airlines, Air France, Finnair, Brussels Airlines

There are frequent bus connections between Ljubljana Airport and the City of Ljubljana.

Departures from Ljubljana City to Ljubljana Airport

From Monday to Friday
5.20 6.10 7.10 8.10 9.10 10.10 11.10 12.10
13.10 14.10 15.10 16.10 17.10 18.10 19.10 20.10
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
6.10 9.10 11.10 13.10 15.10 17.10 19.10

Departures from Ljubljana Airport to Ljubljana City

From Monday to Friday
5.00 6.05 7.00 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 12.00
13.00 14.00 15.00 16.00 17.00 18.00 19.00 20.00
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
7.00 10.00 12.00 14.00 16.00 18.00 20.00

The journey time is approximately 45 minutes. Tickets are purchased on the bus.

PrivateBus (little more expensive)
Ljubljana Airport- Ljubljana City- Ljubljana Airport: the journey time of the one-way trip is 30 minutes.

Departures (including Sunday and Holidays)

Departures from Ljubljana:
5.20 6.15 10.25 12.15 14.00 15.30 17.00 18.00 22.30
Departures from the Airport:
5.45 6.40 10.55 12.40 14.30 16.00 17.30 18.25 22.55 00.00

Check also other close airports as Klagenfurt (Austria) 90 km north of Maribor and Zagreb (Croatia) 100 km Southeast of Maribor.

By train: Maribor may also be reached by train from major European cities through bordering countries (Italy, Austria, Hungary, ...)

Berlin - München - Salzburg - Beljak - Ljubljana - Zagreb (Eurocity Mimara)
Wien - Graz - Maribor (Emona)
Geneve - Venezia - Ljubljana - Zagreb (Simplon exspres)
Budapest - Ljubljana - Venezia (Drava)
Maribor - Zidani most - Zagreb

Slovenian rail

Railway station Maribor - information tel.: +386-2-292 21 64; or +386-2-292 21 60
Call centre from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. tel.: +386-1-291 33 32 or e-mail: 

Timetables with prices for train routes in Slovenia can be found here:

Some special international railway links:

Very good site for european railway routes:

By Bus: Maribor is directly connected with towns in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Croatia and Italy. More information you can find in Maribor bus station.

There are some international bus lines going through Maribor:



Information for bus traffic:
Brdnikova 44, 1000 Ljubljana; Phone +386-1-24 45 640

By road: All major European motorways via Klagenfurt, Graz (Austria) or Trieste (Italy) etc. are connected with Maribor.

Road number: From Graz (A): E57/E59
From Budapest (H): E71/E59
From Zagreb (Hr): E59/E70

From AUSTRIA (VIENNA) - follow the south motorway to Graz and then to Slovenia, entry Sentilj / Spielfeld, direction Maribor, you can go by old road or motorway Sentilj - Maribor (Pesnica) - (in this case you have to pay less than 1 Euro).

From ITALY or LJUBLJANA; from entry Fernetici follow the motorway to Slovenia (Ljubljana) and then to Maribor.

Speed limits are 50 km/h in towns, 90 km/h outside towns, 130 km/h on
motorways. Car lights have to be turned on always when driving. Allowed
blood alcohol content is 0.05% (when driving).

Once you are in Maribor by car, be careful with parking - where there is blue line, you have to pay parking by taking parking tickets at special automats - 1 EUR for 1h (from 8.00-17.00).


Day by day program – I feel sLOVEnNiYa Vol. III :

Day 1: Sunday, 27.12.09

12:00 Arrival of participants
14:00 Registration & lodging & sightseeing of Maribor
18:00 Dinner in GALEA II (Stari mlin)
19:30 Organizer presentation + first choreography lesson in Jazz club SATCHMO
20:00 TRAFFIC LIGHT Welcome party in Jazz club SATCHMO

Day 2: Monday, 28.12.09

07:30 Breakfast
08:30 Bus to the slopes
09:00 Skiing on the Pohorje Mountain
13:00 Snack on the slopes + 2nd choreography lesson
16:00 returning to the Center by bus
18:00 3rd choreography lesson
19:00 Dinner in RICO TORRES
21:00 European night – country presentation and culture tasting in PICASSO

Day 3: Tuesday, 29.12.09

07:30 Breakfast
08:30 Bus to the slopes
13:00 Snack on the slopes – BBQ vodka OPEN
16:00 Returning to the Center
17:00 Relaxing and massage (Participants to organizers :P)
19:00 Dinner in ALF

Day 4: Wednesday, 30.12.09

07:30 Breakfast
08:30 Bus to the slopes
09:00 skiing on the Pohorje Mountain
12:00 Snack on the slopes
14:00 Traditional Slovenian sleighing – »POKANJE«
16:00 Equipment returning & transport directly to ALF
17:00 Dinner in ALF
19:00 Returning to the Center
22:00 FUCK me I’m famous KARAOKE PARTY in Latino club FUEGO (ex Bongos :D)

Day 5: Thursday, 31.12.09

09:30 Breakfast
10:30 Sightseeing of Maribor
12:30 free time for shopping and discovering Maribor
14:30 Lunch in LA STORIA
16:00 Vine & slovenian food tasting in Vodni stolp (Lent)
19:00 free time for resting and preparing for NY evening

Day 6: Friday, 1.1.10

10:30 New Year breakfast
12:00 Thermal spa & Sauna in FONTANA
16:00 Lunch in TOTI ROTOVŽ
17:00 Free time for sleeping
19:00 Snack time
20:00 Hot vine tasting - Walk with torchlight on Piramida hill – night view of Maribor
22:00 No name party in KAVARNA BAR TRUST

Day 7: Saturday, 2.1.10

09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Sport activities in the gym + the ULTIMATE FRIZBY EXPERIENCE
12:30 Free time for packing and sightseeing 15:00 Lunch in STRIKE
16:30 Bowling and billiard in STRIKE
18:30 Ice skating in the center
20:30 Hawaian snack and preparing for the goodbye party
22:00 Goodbye HAWAIAN BEACH PARTY in Latino club FUEGO (ex Bongos )

Day 8: Sunday, 03.01.10

09:00 Breakfast in GYM
10:00 Leaving Maribor and crying/hugging/kissing for more

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Even coordinator: Davor Leskovar

List of organizers:

  • Ana Kristovič
  • Andrej Hrnčič
  • Andrej Purgaj
  • Andreja Gjergjek
  • Bojan Rožič
  • Cristina Stoianova
  • Darja Sančanin
  • Dejan Vrzel
  • Freddy Lopomo
  • Gregor Sušanj
  • Ines Ogorevc
  • Jana Grosman
  • Janže Račečič
  • Jure Tompa
  • Maja Jurc
  • Manja Tušek
  • Marko Žlahtič
  • Maruša Babič
  • Metka Žalik
  • Miha Pukšič
  • Miha Senica
  • Mitja Osojnik
  • Mojca Vernik
  • Petra Devetak
  • Rebeka Breznik
  • Roman Medved
  • Samo Pratneker
  • Sani Cerkvenič
  • Sanja Ocvirk
  • Tina Krajnc
  • Uroš Pureber

List of participants:

  • Adrien Beuriot, France
  • Adrienn Szijártó, Hungary
  • Agnes Calligaris, Hungary
  • Alberico Bonacci, Italy
  • Alberto Cerdan Ariza, Spain
  • Alessandra De Biasio, Italy
  • Alessandro Matteu, Italy
  • Anita Lipovac, Croatia
  • Anna Gabriel, Germany
  • Anna Kravchuk, Ukraine
  • Anna Štepánková, Czech
  • Antonios Gryparis, Greece
  • Barbora Nahlikova, Slovakia
  • Bernhard Mitterlehner, Austria
  • Biljana Kiroska, Macedonia
  • Carlos A. García Ojeda, Spain
  • Cinzia Farneti, Italy
  • Clément Gallois, France
  • Darko Komljenović, Croatia
  • Diana Ziyazetdinova, Russia
  • Diego Ambroj, Spain
  • Dita Dlabolova, Czech
  • Dragana Ljepović, Croatia
  • Ekaterina Tikhankina, Russia
  • Eveline van der Klift, Netherland
  • Fabio Bernardoni, Italy
  • Famil Mammadov, Azerbaijan
  • Federica Dotta, Italy
  • Fish Peterburg, Netherland
  • Francesco Di Muccio, Italy
  • Francesco Gagliardi, Italy
  • Francesco Leonardo, Italy
  • Francesco Marcellini, Italy
  • Georgios Christodoulou, Cyprus
  • Georgios Marantos, Greece
  • Giovanna Zuccarello, Italy
  • Giuseppe Calí, Italy
  • Irina Kuchuk, Ukraine
  • Iryna Mikhailava, Belarus
  • Jan Stripek, Czech
  • Janna Klein Breteler, Netherland
  • Jonathan Karl Formosa, Malta
  • Kalliopy Tsioka, Greece
  • Konstantinos Skarmeas, Greece
  • Kristina Katić, Croatia
  • Ksenia Guseva, Russia
  • Libor Stepanek, Czech
  • Lisa Schleifenlehner, Austria
  • Manuel Marras, Italy
  • Marco Messina, Italy
  • Margarita Ohanesian, Ukraine
  • Mariia Ponomar, Ukraine
  • Marija Knezović, Croatia
  • Mario Bonavia, Malta
  • Maryana Semenyak, Ukraine
  • Mathias Kraft, Germany
  • Mauro Savastano, Italy
  • Michael Nagel, Germany
  • Nicolas Dermigny, France
  • Oksana Antonova, Ukraine
  • Orest Zub, Ukraine
  • Pablo A. Martinez Andres, Spain
  • Pavlos Dedousis, Greece
  • Ruairi Talbot, Ireland
  • Sergey Muraviev, Russia
  • Stefano Naso, Italy
  • Svitlana Yakymets, Poland
  • Urszula Kasprzyk, Poland
  • Verónica Mier del Rosal, Spain

Contat Us!

If you need any kind of information, you can contact us via our email, or in office in Faculty of Law in Maribor.
Open times:
from 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm.

Location: Maribor, Slovenia


Phone: +386 (0)2 250-42-68