The aim of this traveling summer university is to trigger in you sense of beauty and art but also present you history and culture of Slovenia and Croatia through the dance. History has not spared our regions so through the years differences in the manners, culture and ordinary life among regions were becoming larger and larger. The Result is an incredible culture richness and thus a lot of traditional dances that will be presented to you. Despite that in the beginning just pronouncing names of them (šotiš, zajčkov ples, posedarsko kolo, linđo, splitska kvadrilja...) will be hard enough, at the end you will be able to do some moves. On the our workshops we will have sometimes special trainers and sometimes we will just see presentation and together will try to repeat it. Organizers are also learning so we need to have nice cooperation:) For the places and things where dance will not be able to reach, there will be games and presentations to compensate.

So, as we mentioned before, dance and culture will be our motivation and inspiration but also tool for learning. Because, with them we will visit capital of Slovenia, travel from Maribor to Zagreb, taste traditional wines and food, be sprayed by beautiful waterfalls, follow salty smell to the sea, enjoy in the Hitchcock's favorite sunset in Zadar, explore some of the thousands islands, learn, learn and learn how to dance so that we can present in Zrće what we have learned.